About Us


A Good Roofer, Inc. is one of only a select few roofing companies in the Denver/Boulder Metro area that is highly recommended by people “in the know”: building inspectors, consumer advocates, insurance companies, roofing material manufacturer’s and many other knowledgeable, discerning consumers from over 25 years of doing good business.

We believe the ideal business form is to agree to be friends, to get along nicely with each other at all times, to expect only what is reasonable, to neither charge too much nor pay too little for services rendered, and to install an excellent roof with quality products on schedule and at budget. In case of Hail Damage we participate in most insurance companies’ programs to assist policyholders in obtaining local, reputable roofing firms and containing costs to the current market allowances.

We offer the full Owens Corning and CertainTeed line of roofing products; class A fire rated shingles, high wind shingles, impact resistant shingles or whatever brand you would prefer. Owens Corning and CertainTeed are the leaders in the industry and both offer shingles that are highly rated by CONSUMER REPORTS.

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